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((Hello everyone, Boji’s mun here! I am more than quite aware that I am far behind on asks. I do plan to get back into some drawings for answers once I’ve dealt with the root of my artist block. But I just want to make an announcement that I’ve decided to make a change in the Master List due to the fact that there are so few active blogs left. The list of blogs will remain up. Blogs won’t be removed unless they ask me or if the url is not found during a periodic check. But I am removing the rules. The rules and guidelines were set up during the early months of our foundation and we were a booming group with lots of character and mun interactions. But since this has (sadly) died down a lot I feel that they are not needed anymore.

But I hope everyone is doing well and I shall see about bringing Boji and his little boy back for everyone to see))

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((Askbox is now empty. It’s hungry for crack or actual questions. Either or is fine by me.))

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I’M SO SORRY FOR SPAMMING THE TAG(S). This is the last thing I’ll post to it for a while I promise.

Oh……This isn’t exactly how I remembered it…..

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(an askblog for this weirdo, so ask him things if you wanna)

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happy birthday to the awesome OOC

[[Aw thank you!]]

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[[ I keep forgetting to post this… Ask now open! Just expect really slow replies as I am really busy IRL ;; Will draw only when I have free time. ]]

[[send your asks and follow!]]

((Well…..this is awkward. I did that “Press J and then Shift+ some other letter” trick and I unknowingly reblogged a ton of stuff that was on my dash at the time. Smooth trickery there, Tumblr. Smooth.))

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Askblog is open!


Sorry when I can’t apply my picture because of technical problems when uploading. Just take your time to ask me here…

OOC : It’s drawing and taking picutre with my phone camera. The avatar is just my lucky day to change. I think it will take more time to upload,but keep asking!


We’ve got Jia Chong as well!

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((Sorry, for my old followers (askladyjiangwei’s followers) to took you a long time. Luckily, I save all my post and the questions too. So, don’t worry for you who already asked me a question~ ^^))

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Alright, what’s this thing called? An inbox?! Ah well, whatever it is, it’s open and ready to get your questions! Really, ask me stuff! I don’t bite!


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