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Baozi Fail

Today I decided to try to make those delicious baozi everyone, especially Sima Shi, loves to eat. I’ve never made them before because my wife does not think it wise to have me in the kitchen with my *cough cough* illness. And when I insisted to try to make them she refused to give me her recipe. They didn’t turn out too bad as far as taste goes. Though they are rather tough and flat. But they give me enough energy *cough cough* so I can continue answering everyone’s questions.

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    T-thanks Guo Huai, you’re too kind… OM NOM NOM NOM 8I ((Glad to know! :’D))
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    Oh that is quite alright Lord Sima Yi. Your son can have one. But ONLY one. ((LOL I am laughing so hard!))
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    ( OOC: I’m usually not a big fan of baozi, but hnghh when they’re made fresh )
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    ( interestingly enough, i had one of these just yesterday and it was SO GOOD. it was premade and had to be reheated, but...
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    Boyue will gladly put down his spear and share those baozi with you. …..
  10. askzhouyu said: XD You want my recipe? They’re idiot-proof.
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